A Guide to Sail to Your Dreams

A Guide to Sail to Your Dreams

A Guide to Sail to Your Dreams


We are launching our Kiss and Sail Capsule this week and it’s one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for the ocean and the blues of the water contrasted with white sand beaches. We release limited-edition capsule collections twice a month and it never fails. I’m always rallying for blue and white to go into it as the design team chooses fabrics. There is something that feels like home to me about the ocean. I lived many  places growing up but getting off the plane in California always makes me feel a sense of peace and calm. The coastline reminds me how great God is and fills me with possibility. We shot this collection in Newport Beach and on Balboa Island.


Recently my best friend and I were talking about people who were your anchors in life, the kind of people that made you feel safe, calm and strong, especially when things felt hard. The people you turned to when the seas got rough. Her father is her anchor. Liz is the youngest of six children and her father is 95. He is a remarkable man and has lived an amazing life. I was lucky enough to meet him and witness the way he chose to live life the last 30 years. He had loved all of it, building a business in tough times, building a family, being part of the state and helping to shape and change policy to make people’s lives better. Most of all, he never lost faith in life or the journey no matter what rough seas came his way. He had built a life and sailed his ship to the most amazing destinations and while doing this he also provided strength to those around him. He was my best friend’s anchor, giving her a strong belief that she could accomplish anything and go anywhere in life she dreamed of. He was her anchors aweigh knowing when to pull up, so she could leave the port and discover her own dreams.


Her dad got me thinking about the anchors in my life that give me strength. The people, things and the places that fill me with peace and possibility. Our life is a lot like a ship we build. As we are building it the people we invite onto our ship can either give us strength and fill our sails with the wind of possibility or they can do the opposite. They can make you feel adrift and directionless. They can keep you too long in the port. So who is on your ship? Are they helping you sail in the direction of your dreams or keeping you off course? And are you being the best captain of your own life? Or are you allowing instagram to take you off course? Are you allowing the voice in your head to believe in your journey or sabotage the voyage? Do you have a map of where you want to go or are you letting life sail you away? It’s your ship, it’s your journey and I promise the treasure is out there waiting for you to find it!  


I can’t wait for you to see the Kiss and Sail Capsule and our team's favorite new style - the Tina Top. I can’t stop wearing it with the Erica Skirt and, of course, the Nicole skirt. We also have the limited-edition Anna Dress in Nantucket Stripe. The other combo I am loving are the Nikki Shorts paired with the Cecilia Top!


If you haven’t grabbed a pair of 33.9 sneakers don’t forget to check them out and pre-order today for our new delivery coming this month! We sold out but they are back and delivering soon.


We have a Game Day Capsule coming soon with lots of fun Erica Skirts, tees and gameday girls passing out lots of KOCH fun.


Since you read this Nicole’s Notes and we are all about treasure this week we want to give you a code for the website! Use code KISSANDSAIL10 for 10% off of your purchase through August 16th, 2022 at midnight CST.



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I love Koch and their products!! Whenever I wear them I receive so many compliments! Koch is always my go to when I need something to wear to dinner or just with friends!

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