We are on a mission to get girls to make their mark on the world by being Joymakers & Risktakers. We believe if you identify what brings you joy you will find it is on the other side of hard work and connecting with others in a deep and meaningful way. 

We believe in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to take risks and dream big. We are on a quest for girls to be makers, creators and builders of companies. We believe in women becoming entrepreneurs and having economic independence. 

We are on a quest for girls to embrace failure! We are letting go of fashion’s hunt for perfection and giving girls permission to take risks, fail, laugh and repeat. 

We believe in making our clothing in America. We are proud to be part of the 2% of clothing made here. We do it because it connects us to the community. We get to build something and work along side the people who are making our product everyday, helping us put it out into the world and in the hands of our KOCH community. We believe by creating an infrastructure of sewers and workrooms in the United States it creates opportunity for women to start their own small business. 

We believe in our product and our KOCH community. We want your experience with KOCH to make you feel good so you can walk into the world and take risks and spread your own kind of joy. We believe in today, tomorrow and long into the future.