My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, which is sometimes defined as brunch because I sit so long with the ones I love, and our conversations and laughter bleed into lunch. I am a creature of habit ordering an egg white omelet with bacon and cheese and a side of avocado and while I do adore an omelet, what I love best about the meal is the people I share it with. It has become a ritual that allows me to sit with friends and sweep away all my worries, talk about what is going on in the world without any judgment, and laugh about the absurd things in life. Most of all, it fills me with a promise about the future. It’s a breakfast family that sometimes includes someone new, like an out-of-town guest or a new friend. Sometimes it is two of us or four or five of us, but it is always filled with love, wit, humor, whatever the number. It doesn’t matter how you show up looking. Sometimes it’s jean shorts and a tee and no makeup, other days a flirty dress or an Erica skirt and sweatshirt, whatever mood you are in, brunch is happy to have you, especially Sunday Brunch. It’s a unique time that is about being together, escaping the world that occurred the week before, and relishing the anticipation of the dreams that might come true in the week to come.

On Sundays after an early brunch, I always take a walk on the Katy Trail. There is usually a new set of people flooding into the sidewalk cafes I walk by named Toulouse and Up on Knox. I always smile to myself as I see tables of friends having so much fun or couples holding hands, or families in conversations filled with excitement. And the brunch dogs on the patio are my favorite. It’s joy in action- a mini-celebration of life. There is a multigenerational bonding that happens, and with this bonding comes faith in humanity and a whole lotta love. 

These brunch moments help us believe in others and allow others to give us a unique strength to tear down walls of fear or insecurity so we can see our dreams more clearly. So this week, have breakfast or brunch with the people you love, people who see your potential when you are blinded by it! Laugh and remember sometimes brunch is all we need to start Monday off, creating miraculous things that fulfill our promise. 

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Quote of the Week: "These brunch moments help us believe in others and allow others to give us a unique strength to tear down walls of fear or insecurity so we can see our dreams more clearly." - Nicole Musselman 

Podcast of the week: Grateful and Full of Greatness with Mark Glicini 

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Rylee Johnston

Love this so much! Nicole, you are such an inspiring person and I can’t wait for more of these Nicole’s Notes!! Have a great day Koch! 💙💙

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