When all else fails, take it back to the basics. Life can be messy, perplexing, and confusing. Sometimes the timing of things can seem unexplainable, and the complexities are hard to navigate. It’s those kick you in the stomach moments that can also be hard to bear, but at the same time, life can be exhilarating, exciting, and filled with so much love. That’s the beauty of this thrilling ride. It’s those moments when you are at your lowest when something unexpectedly wonderful happens or walks into your world. When people paste you back together with their generosity and warmth. I have lived through the most painful times and the most joyful times. Everything from losing my father unexpectedly in my twenties to watching my husband battle brain cancer, but alongside these difficulties, I had some of my most beautiful moments, like having my son and getting the privilege to watch him grow into a young man, experiencing many amazing love stories that have filled my life with so much happiness. I got to build KOCH with a team I think of as my family and get to watch so many girls that walked through our doors at the KOCH House go on and start their own dream. Most of all, I have gotten to laugh and live with my tribe of crazy friends and family. While I can’t tell you what will happen next in your life, what I can say with certainty is if you peel back all of it and live by the basic rules of life, the ride, no matter what comes your way, will have a totality that fills you with awe and wonder. So let's get back to the basics! 

1. On your worst day, seek to find one thing that brought you joy

2. Take risks and push yourself to try new things

3. Define what you want from life, so it knows how to help you (you can always change it along the way)

3.Have the courage to fail and use it as a message from the world on how to achieve your dream

4. Live your days with purpose. God’s gift to you is a new day, your gift to him is what you do with it. 

5. Have a sense of humor at all times

6.Be yourself, there is only one of you in a world of 7.8 Billion, so embrace it. 

7.Surround yourself with people who light up your soul. 

8. Have faith in life

9.Exercise in nature everyday at least 15 minutes.

10.Be a force for good and good will come to you. 

11.Don’t procrastinate, procrastination is the graveyard of life’s blessings.  

12.Go into each relationship trusting the other person, if you can’t don’t go into the relationship

13.Believe anything is possible regardless of where you are or where you come from in life.

This collection is the foundation of everything you need to look effortlessly chic. I have one of each in my closet and use it as the foundation for my travel, work and life. Some of the pieces I throw on constantly are the Mills Tank Top in Navy with The Erica Skirt in Navy Polysatin. I live in the Black Polysatin Hunter Pants and Bret Top and love layering it with the Black Longfellow Sweater. I have always been a fan of ivory and my closet is filled with all sorts of different KOCH pieces but my FAVS are the Pete Sweater thrown over The Erica Skirt in Ivory Polysatin. Lastly, I am in love with our new KOCH hoodie and sweatpants. I have it in the Navy and Grey. And don’t forget the KOCH Sea Stripe with our Dollie Everything Jean Jacket!

We have a new date for Mobile and can’t wait! We will be at The Battle House Renaissance Hotel from 3-8 PM on September 23rd! And then it’s on to Fayetteville - we will be there October 14th and 15th!

Our next Joydrops will be in Starkville and Athens! See you there! 

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