Co-Creating a Life with God

Co-Creating a Life with God

Co-Creating a Life with God


I have told my son, since he was a young boy, how important it is to co-create a life with God and when something doesn’t go right ask the question, “how is life working for me in this situation?” It takes a lot of courage and faith to be able to ask this question especially in moments of pain or defeat, but it can impact our happiness in life and I believe move us towards greatness.


The lens through which we see life plays a crucial role in shaping who we become. It determines whether we view life as being for us or against us. I’ve had enough personal experiences that could have led me to believe it was against me. In the darkness of seeing my father pass away from cancer when I was 29 or raising my son on my own because his father also had cancer, I had to constantly say to myself, “life wants me to win.” Over and over I said it even when I really had a hard time believing it through exhaustion or pain. This insistence that God and life are always working for you influences all our actions, decisions, and ultimately, our destiny.


Life is a series of moments, some wonderful and others challenging. What we have control over are two fundamental aspects of our lives: how we prepare for what might happen and how we respond to what does happen. These two elements are within our power, and they shape our experiences and outcomes.


When we lost our father we had two choices: to celebrate his incredible life and wisdom or to focus on why life took away our father so early. It’s not easy to choose the first one in the midst of all the sadness, but with an insistence of trying to help your mind focus on the beauty rather than a hardship, you begin to see the light.


My brother chose to honor my father and his wisdom through his work. My brother honors him every time he walks on the basketball court to coach. He knows my dad is up there with God wanting him to go on in his name and inspire.


My son and I chose to honor my father through 33.9, and build a brand around his value system that believed we all have something great inside of us. We can achieve the longshot no matter what the odds. My dad believed we could write our own script of greatness in life. Speaking of 33.9, here is a code to order a pair of shoes for 20% off: NICOLESNOTES20.


Our life and its moments are like scenes in a movie and we must remember that these moments are part of a larger picture. The whole movie. Just like a movie requires a vision to be created, our lives also need a clear vision of what we want to achieve and more importantly who we want to be. This vision acts as a guiding light, directing our actions and decisions. Without a vision, and a belief that life wants us to get an academy award we may find ourselves merely going through the motions, waking up each day with notifications and distractions, without focusing on developing who we want to be and what script we want written about our lives.


To become co-creators with our God, we must take control of the development of our lives. This means actively defining our goals, pursuing our passions, and aligning our actions with our vision. By doing so, we become active participants in the movie that God is directing. Without a vision of what you want, you are living life without a plot or meaning.


Remember the lens through which we see life has a profound impact on who we become. By choosing to view life as being for us rather than against us, we empower ourselves to take control of our actions and responses. The moments we face are just a part of a larger picture, and it is our vision and mindset that shape the outcome. By becoming co-creators with our God, we can develop something worthy of a standing ovation when it’s all done!


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