Does the good guy actually win?

Does the good guy actually win?

Does the good guy actually win?


Are there moments in your life when you wonder, should I just give up? Does the good guy actually win?


We all hear life is not fair but when you are in the midst of unfairness it’s hard not to ask the question, should I give up? Does the good guy really win? How many times have you seen someone who is kind of a jerk get something that they really don’t deserve. Or you worked harder and the person who didn’t was rewarded. The list goes on but as long as it might be with examples of the bad guy getting ahead, I’m here to tell you eventually the good guy wins. The frustrating part is the timeline can be excruciating when you are in the middle of it. So what should you do to get through it? I like to be mad at first because you can’t deny that watching someone who is an arrogant or lazy human get rewarded isn’t fun. So get mad for a few minutes, even a day if you need to but don’t let your anger make you into something that gets you nowhere in life except maybe bitter. Next imagine the outcome you want, have a vision and focus on your vision not what someone else is doing. Vision always produces hope. Close your eyes and imagine the good guy winning.


In life you have a choice to see possibilities instead of obstacles. Sometimes opportunities are hidden in the places you are seeing obstacles. It’s in the obstacles, in the rough times, the moments that call for resilience that our true character is tested. Who are we when life isn’t fair?  Who are we when we see the good guy didn’t win? Do we give up? Because in reality that makes us no different long term than the bad guy.


I continuously talk about resilience because I believe it is the very thing that will bring you happiness and success in life and I also believe it is the very thing that we are forgetting to talk to people about as a nation. Without resilience we will always think the good guy isn’t winning.


Take a Monday minute today to celebrate the good people out there in the world. Tell them thank you and remember good always wins.


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