Dream Big, Believe Bigger

Dream Big, Believe Bigger

Dream Big, Believe Bigger


Last week, I traveled to the charming town of Oxford to speak at Ole Miss. As I wandered around the square, rehearsing what I would share with the girls, I couldn't contain my excitement about the endless possibilities awaiting these young women. Opening up about entrepreneurship and the graceful art of failing led me to reflect on my own setbacks and that all too familiar sting of failure. It's like a gut punch, isn't it? But why does it hurt so much? Perhaps it's because deep down, we yearn for others to believe in us. When someone questions our abilities, it's like a blow to our confidence.


So, what's the remedy for this self-doubt? It's simple: belief. Belief in ourselves, in each other, and in the world. The world is in dire need of more believers - individuals who dare to dream big and take risks. The United States is craving optimists who can visualize a brighter future. When we have faith in ourselves, we're also placing our trust in others and the broader world.


Imagine a world where belief is the prevailing currency. Belief in a higher power, belief in our community, belief in our own potential. I remember a time when I walked into a bank to secure a line of credit. Surrounded by a sea of suits, I stood as the lone woman in the room. None of them exuded confidence in me, but that didn't deter me.


Although the suits might have underestimated me, I stood firm in my conviction. If I desired to have an impact and transform my life for the better, I needed to have faith in myself. I had to confront risk with courage, and above all, I refused to conform to their narrow perceptions of my capabilities. Instead, I sought out a bank that believed in me, obtained that line of credit, and built KOCH along with starting a second sneaker brand, 33.9. I didn't let those bankers dictate my worth or success. Never allow anyone to define you - that's your prerogative!


Engaging with the remarkable young women at Ole Miss was truly eye-opening. Their enthusiastic response to our message of setting ambitious goals and embracing failure as part of the journey was invigorating. The notes, texts, and emails overflowing with enthusiasm made it clear that young women out there are yearning for support and the reassurance that their potential knows no bounds.


So, let's champion belief. Let's blaze the trail and inspire others to dream big and act boldly. Because when we believe in ourselves, we ignite a spark that has the power to illuminate the world.


Last week, we launched our Graduation Gift Boxes. I love giving these as graduation gifts because it’s a fun way to start your new wardrobe with your new school colors. We hand-designed artwork for our 1o most-wanted schools. These boxes make the best gifts. If you don’t see a design you are looking for, feel free to email lindsey@shopkoch.com and she can help you out!


I am so excited to be launching our Embroider Me custom embroidery section on our website this week. You will be able to customize t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies with our exclusive designs or initials. These also make the best gifts for yourself or someone you love.


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