A few years ago, I sent my brother a text which he tweeted out on Twitter saying, “Henry got in the car last night from the airport and started crying saying he had never been part of something so great and how much he wanted to one day accomplish something that great.” He was referring to the NCAA March Madness game my brother had won on the buzzer with his college basketball team that advanced them to the Sweet Sixteen. I got tears in my eyes hearing my son say this because I knew he understood what working, dreaming, and achieving looked like, and regardless of the highs and lows, he recognized the value in the quest. What I know to be true about sports is that they are a metaphor for life. Life has a time clock; there are devastating lows, unbelievable highs, setbacks, celebrations, deep connections with others, and ultimately dreams achieved if you are willing to get back up after you are knocked down. Both life and sports require discipline, focus, and most of all, resilience, because as exhilarating as the win is, the broken-heartedness of being on the other side, the losing side is the part that often scares us away from attempting. Having the courage to experience loss is the secret ingredient of life. It is the fundamental basis of courage; it sets apart the people who experience life in a full and profound way. The ability to take the risk by going onto the field or into the arena and to do it in front of all those people. It’s no different in life when you attempt your dreams. When you try to build a company or set your sights on playing college athletics, or ask someone out on a date, or go on a job interview. We are all vulnerable to losing or failing. The great accomplishment lies in the pursuit. The relentless pursuit of a dream requires believing in yourself and the world at large and having the courage to trust the process instead of the outcome. 

This August, football season will begin, and one of the greatest parts will be the communal love for the sport. The celebrations that occur before the game, the rollercoaster of emotions on the sidelines and in the stands. The coming together of people to route for their fellow man. The communities that surround the game, the band, cheerleaders, coaching staffs, faculty, the restaurants in the town, playing the games, and at the end, the respect we feel for our opponents. But what is most important is what Kobe Bryant said about sports. “The fact that there is a collection of people that come from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, different political views, but yet can figure out a way to understand each other, how to work well with each other toward a common goal….there is no better metaphor than that.” 

This is what it is all about; it is the beauty of life. It is the beauty of this country. So let’s get ready for some Football!  

We have had SO many people asking, and it’s finally here….let the countdown begin! The Game Day Collection will be releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, August 10th. We tried to hit every school color and every school conference! Erica Skirts, Cece Tops, Football tees, including my favorite embroidered football tee. We even brought back your favorite fall game day colors that sold out: Nude, Noir, Lavender Stripe, and so many more! 

One fun thing we are doing this year to go along with game day is having a game day girl on each campus. Throughout the year, she will help us spread our mission to get girls to make their mark on the world by being joymakers and risktakers. We will be coming to campuses throughout the year to do joydrops and pop-ups, and we can’t wait to grow our community.

As always, with a release, we will have an Instagram live to giveaway some of our best sellers, talk about Joymaking and Risktaking, and co-create together, so don’t forget to join us tomorrow, August 10th, 5 PM CST. 

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Quote of the Week: "Having the courage to experience loss is the secret ingredient of life. It is the fundamental basis of courage; it sets apart the people who experience life in a full and profound way." - Nicole Musselman  

Podcast of the Week: How to Beat Procrastination & Rewire Your Brain For Success


Genevieve Unzicker

There always seems to be somthing so understandable and uplifting in these blog posts. There is always somthing that I take through the week with me in them.


hi!! you should definitely come to stetson university in florida!! i know big football schools are so popular but the community in deland florida shows so much support for the stetson football team and the whole town is so involved and supportive of the team, game days are so amazing here & it’s so heartwarming to see people of all ages come out to support stetson!

martina mcclure

Your blog post really resonates with me today. I have strugled throughout my brain injury recovery if its through the court process, or the actual brain injury itself.. Of loosing or failing and just allowing myself to be vulnerable, especially online in front of millions of people. Sharing my story on tiktok was terrifying and I knew there would be negative comments but the good outweighed the bad. Thank you for being a light in a sometimes dark world, Nicole. ❤️

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