How Choosing Allows You To Find Your Treasure

How Choosing Allows You To Find Your Treasure

How Choosing Allows You To Find Your Treasure

There was a time I felt like I didn’t need to choose something because if it was meant to be then it would happen… I just needed to have faith in life. Then, I realized faith is a quest, and on this quest we must have the courage to choose what we want. We must also have the courage to choose again when we get rejected, knowing the stinging feeling you get is a redirection towards the treasure on your map of life.

The biggest question for you to answer is,  “what is your treasure?” To me, the treasure chest is filled with having a purpose, deep meaningful connections, and most importantly, curiosity that results in growth. If your life looks exactly the same as it did 5 years ago, then your treasure map might need to be dusted off. Maybe you need to make some new choices, even if they end up being the wrong ones. The journey can be hard sometimes because it seems like God can go silent on us. In this silence, we stop choosing almost in defiance, out of sheer fear, or maybe because of good old fashioned laziness.

 Choosing happens everyday, in every moment. It happens in the details. You choose to forgive, you choose your words about another human being, you choose to ask for help, to apply for a job, to move, to love, to ask someone out, to get up early, to study more, to get a masters, to delete social media because it's a distraction, to put your phone away at the table so the person you are with feels valued, it's all a choice. You can also choose the bad things like an old relationship that didn’t work, that extra drink, Netflix binging (save it for a rainy day), or tearing down another person’s idea.

 The most important choices happen when life seems to forget about your dreams, or worse, when they seem to get trampled on. It is in these moments that you have to keep choosing to believe, keep choosing the things that take discipline. In a strange way, the most important choices also happen when life is at its best, when you seem to have all the money in the world, or when things look perfect on the outside. It’s in this place that empathy can go missing, gluttony can appear, and curiosity can be lost. We all know people who have everything but are the most unhappy people of all.


We have to be willing to show life what we want by the choices we are willing to make. We also need to understand that some of the greatest achievements in life are often anonymous and brave beyond comprehension. Some of the best things done in the world are done by people who will never be known, but are choosing to make the world a better place. People who are quietly changing the landscape by fighting for our freedom, feeding the poor, and keeping us safe…These choices are filled with strength and integrity.


My brother sent me a video the other day with an Elon Musk interview called, “MIND BLOWING WORK ETHIC.” In it, Elon talks about starting his company with his brother. They worked out of an apartment so they could sleep there. While they worked, they showered at the YMCA. They could only afford one computer, so they would work all day and code all night. Elon made millions of dollars from the sale of his first company, but invested all of it into Tesla and SpaceX. 2008 was a brutal year of failures for him with SpaceX and Tesla…At one point he had to borrow money for rent. Finally, he received funding the day before he was going to have to shut down the company. Elon Musk did not stop when life went quiet on him. He chose to work harder than everyone else. He chose to sacrifice certain things in his life. Elon chooses to stay curious and push his limits. He is still one of the hardest workers in the world despite his success.


The choices we make will tell the story of our life, the journey we traveled and the treasure we found. All of us will make some wrong choices, but the beauty is you get to choose again, and it’s how you choose again after the wrong ones that matters. To me, the worst way to live is to make no choice at all. You have to be willing to choose to find the treasure.




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