How your life looks vs How your life feels

How your life looks vs How your life feels

How your life looks vs. How your life feels


In a world of social media have we lost our life force? Has our life force been replaced with our life post? And if so, what is happening to our insides, like our heart and our brain. Are we getting our high in life through how life looks on the outside rather than how it might feel on the inside. Have you ever looked at instagram and thought how many times can someone sip a margarita on the beach or travel to a gorgeous destination and strike the perfect pose. Or have you been to a dinner party and everyone’s kids are doing the perfect thing, or it seems like people are throwing the perfect wedding, party or dinner party. Do they not have a job or kids or bills to pay? Are their clothes ever stained from trying to fix a garage door or is their white couch peppered with dog prints? Do they have a life force that radiates that indescribable something that makes you feel good about the world even in the bad moments. I wonder if their house looks like their life? Decorated by the best, but no one is home emotionally in the deep messy lovely kind of way. I want to be with people with dog prints. People who hug too much, laugh a lot, cry when things go wrong and people who are okay when their kids fail. I want to hire those kids. The ones who have failed and know how to get up, the ones who are not afraid of imperfection.


Recently, I watched Jonah Hill’s documentary Stutz. An inside look at Jonah’s sweet and moving relationship with his therapist, Phil Stutz. One of my favorite moments is when Stutz talks about activating your life force. He explains, “the only way to figure out what you should be doing, who you are, is to activate your life force.” As I listened to him describe a life force I thought all of us should do a little life force research on ourselves. If you think of it as a pyramid, there’s three levels: the bottom is your relationship with your physical body, the second is your relationship with other people and the highest level is your relationship with yourself. I couldn’t help but wonder how much time the perfect people on instagram spent on their life force, what were they really passionate about? Have you ever had people walk into a room and their life force made you feel exhausted or has instagram ever made you feel exhausted? I started to wonder if we are rewiring our brains to believe that a beautiful outside is a better achievement than a beautiful mind. And in the process, we are confused why we don’t feel that authentic energy that comes when you are inspired or passionate. That focus when you are creating something emotionally or physically that puts you in the zone. The laughter or connective place that is strikingly different in a wonderful way and when it happens you know it’s special. It has nothing to do with how it looks and everything to do with how it feels.


That’s the real question, How do you feel on the inside?  


Stutz describes what it means to be a winner in life “a winner isn’t always the one who looks the best or acts the best, the winner is the one who’s willing to take some degree of risk, who acts in faith and deals with the consequences and if the consequences are bad the winner pushes forward. And tries again.”


Without risks you are living in an empty house. A place with no life force, a mind afraid to fail, and a heart unable to feel true love and joy. Yes, risks come with the chance of failure and imperfection but a little imperfection might be the very thing that makes you the brightest light of all. And while a lovely post about your life on instagram looks good, a life force just might change the world and that is a feeling you just can’t beat.


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