Leftover Magic

Leftover Magic

This week we are releasing the KOCH Pickleball Capsule. When I read that Pickleball got its name from the pickle boat that was made up of leftover oarsmen from other teams in the sport of rowing, it made me think about all the unlikely families and teams that have been made up of underdogs and went on to win. I love this concept that out of something leftover comes something extraordinary. I was talking to a friend of mine about families and how sometimes it is the most unlikely families that look a bit unusual from the outside-the ones who don’t have the perfect Holiday Card- but who band together as an original charismatic group and change the world. 

When I was young, I was obsessed with the movie Bad News Bears. I would watch it over and over. The story was about a group of misfit youth who played Little League baseball and had been shunned by the polished team controlled by parents who bought the perfect uniform, hired the best coach, and picked only players they deemed fit to play on their team. Yet it wasn’t the ideal team who won over our hearts; it was the Bad News Bears who we fell in love with. From the tomboy Pitcher named Amanda, who was the only girl in the league who inspired the boys to the down on his luck coach who inspired this group to believe in themselves and, in the process, rebuilt his own life. Together the Bad News Bears made us think anything was possible with their moxy, scrappiness, and perseverance. What I loved most about them was their love for each other.

My father coached a small team in Ashland College that set a national record for defense. My father was an unlikely bet to achieve this goal. He, too, loved the Bad News Bears and would watch it over and over with me. He had parents who worked on a factory line and so many challenges growing up. What my father did have was a will to win. In his book 33.9, he says, “I believe in the will to win more than winning. Winning is not just scoring more points than the other team. It is throwing yourself into a world of complete dedication, sacrifice, and the willingness to work every second mentally and physically to your utmost. Man’s greatest hour is when he has worked his heart out for the good of the team, and the team has been successful.”

Whether it’s the leftovers in the pickle boat, the Bad News Bears, or a coach from a small town in Ohio breaking a record, never underestimate the power of the unlikely person inspiring us all by beating the odds and showing us anything is possible. 

Tomorrow we are releasing our Pickleball Capsule Collection! It's limited quantities but so darn CUTE!! Grab it fast, and if you haven’t tried Pickleball, go for it, preferably in a KOCH Pickleball cropped hoodie!

We also have a Joydrop in Starkville, Tuscaloosa, and Auburn coming up! 

If you are from Fayetteville, DM us for an invite to the pop-up on October 14th and 15th….the invite is one of my FAVS!

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Buckle your seat belt for the KOCH Club release coming your way…..it’s the BEST! 

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Caroline Abbey

I love playing pickleball … and love your creations :) I would love to rep your brand! My instagram is @carolineabbey1

Lisa Neihouse

I just want to say – I found you thru your brother Eric. I am 59 and have been an Arkansas Razorback all of my life. Your brother and Sam Pittman have breathed new life into these weary Arkansas hearts that have been heavy. The way those two men embrace the culture of Razorback land and also add their very own stamp – AND – are role models of hard work and leaving everything on the playing field has made a lot of people in this state experience some joy. Your twitter is very inspiring and I am not shocked Eric and you are siblings. Good luck with all you do and convince your brother to stay here.

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