Stay in the Student Section of Life

Stay in the Student Section of Life

Stay in the Student Section of Life


From the moment we step foot into a classroom as children until the day we graduate from college, our lives revolve around learning. But why do we suddenly shift gears and define our lives solely by work or retirement? The truth is, we should never retire from learning. Life itself is a never-ending classroom, a playground for dreams where we should always be in the student section.


Whether you're a mother, a CEO, an actress, or a coach, every role in life presents an opportunity for growth and strengthening of your value system. It's like a giant resume of experiences, and we should always be adding to it. Instead of highlighting material possessions or another perfect luncheon, imagine the excitement of learning something new or trying something that scares you.


I recently challenged myself to learn how to ski. Despite my secret doubts and apprehension, I went ahead with my all-day lesson. Mostly because my partner in life, who truly makes me a better human, pushed me to learn. (Side note: pick a partner that pushes you to be better, and if they don't, pick a new partner). The first day was tough, and I found myself on a "magic carpet" conveyor belt with 3-6 year olds, questioning my decision. But I persevered, graduated from the magic carpet, and continued skiing. Each day, I improved a little more. Yes, there were moments of doubt and tears, and choice words for the six year olds, and an ego check for someone who came from a competitive background, but I found myself relegated to a beginner in life! But I also found myself thanking God for the experience as I went down the mountain. And each day, as I peeled off my boots and 20 layers, I felt a sense of exhausted bliss!


It's not just about skiing; it's about the act of trying something that scares us. It's about pushing our minds and bodies in new ways, embracing vulnerability, and believing that something wonderful awaits on the other side. We must remember that everyone feels fear, even NBA coaches, and Grammy award-winning performers. But it's those who face their fears over and over again who truly win the game of life. It takes courage to stay in the student section, to keep learning and growing, no matter our age.


Penelope Cruz, during her appearance on the Smartless Podcast, beautifully expressed her love for the fear that comes with starting a new project as an actress. Even at the age of 50, she embraces the challenge and finds it to be beneficial for her mental health. Regardless of the number of awards she has won, each new project brings a fresh set of obstacles and learning opportunities. It is this constant learning process that keeps her humble and ensures her value system remains intact. In her own words, she stated, "I love the process and I love the fear." This phrase resonates deeply with me and has become one of my all-time favorites. It serves as a reminder that embracing fear and being a constant student can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.


So let's keep adding to our life resumes, embracing new experiences, and never losing sight of the fact that life itself is a playground for dreams. Let's stay curious and keep pushing ourselves to stay in the student section of life. After all, it's the fear and the unknown that make life truly exhilarating.


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