Today we did our fist official Joy Drop at SMU!  What is a JOY Drop?  It’s the KOCH Crew’s way of popping up randomly and spreading JOY by giving away Joy bags filled with fun items including our KOCH book to write down what brings you JOY and what risks you want to take this year. Our next JOY Drop is September 21st in Fayetteville. 
I talk a lot about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  I believe we spend too much time sending out messaging that dreams are achieved by people with extraordinary gifts rather than understanding people who achieve the extraordinary are just like you and me, except they put forth exceptional, extraordinary effort. In a recent conversation someone described the difference in life between failure, normal and exceptional and the difference was what kind of effort you put forth. It doesn’t matter if you went to an Ivy League school or a Community college, what matters is your effort and your ability to believe in life. I love what Steven Spielberg says about life finding or pursuing you, “I’ve discovered I’ve got a preoccupation with ordinary people pursued by large forces.” Life or large forces will find the ordinary person who is willing to do the extraordinary, but it can’t find you if you are not putting forth the effort.  Think of the effort as a light in the darkness guiding forces to see you and walk you into great things. My father used to write on our lunch bags the three E’s
He told us put forth these three and you will accomplish great things. At KOCH we believe in girls ability to make their mark on the world by being joymakers and risktakers. We believe any girl who puts forth the effort can be extraordinary and we hope they walk through life doing it in KOCH.  

This month we are releasing two collaborations with girls whose energy, enthusiasm and effort are exceptional. On September 26th we will be releasing Alex Bray’s Nashville inspired collection. The collection is filled with prints created by Alexis and we are crazy about everyone of them especially the cherries print.  I have worn the Bella skirt about 20 times and people keep stopping me to ask where I got it!! We will be launching the collection at a Picnic Party on the KOCH House front lawn September 26th 4-6.
Our second collaboration is with Courtney Kardaras and it’s Tie Dye.  Y’all are going to flip over the one of a kind Erica skirts and Cece Tops. We also have Tie Dye tees and Olivia Hoodie which you won’t want to miss! 
Don’t forget to grab your Navy Python Erica skirt, Cece Monogram top and Ivy skirt.  We are also LOVING our new Madison dress and it’s almost sold out! 
Next live Wednesday, October 7th announcing our new contest! 
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“I’ve discovered I’ve got a preoccupation with ordinary people pursued by large forces.” Steven Spielberg
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