How do you start your day? Do you pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram or look at snap chat?  Do you watch the media hurling insults at each other feeding their ratings? If your answer is yes, maybe you could make one small change this week and try something new?  Try filling your brain for the first 5 minutes of the day with something that feels less like Instagram sugar or media contempt and more like brain food that inspires love or discipline. We spend so much time in life doing things, excessive things with little meaning, things that dehumanize us and in turn cause us to dehumanize others. With each one of our small choices there is a consequence. What we choose to start our day with has a consequence, if you start your day by telling someone you love them, odds are love will be spread in your world at a greater rate. If you start your day listening to contempt, contempt will breed contempt. Don’t let a million small frivolous choices keep you from identifying the things that matter. Don’t get to the end of your life and say I didn’t do the thing I was meant to do because I didn’t identify the things that mattered and if I did identify them I didn’t invest in them.  Don’t live life by default. The stronger person creates space for positive things to appear and this is a possibility if you choose to start by making just one small change. Small moments make up who you are and who you will become, small moments like the first five minutes of the day change your path and give you a different kind of life, one that gives you more than you can imagine in the exchange. 
We are releasing the Erica skirt in black Polysatin, Lyle Top and Cece Top on Monday so don’t miss out! Also take a look at the restocking of the Erica skirt in hot tamale, Cece top in hot tamale and the Erica skirt in navy Polysatin. One of our favorite new items are the Hunter pants paired with our fern top! We sold out of the first run but have more on the way! 
We hope you tune in this Wednesday to hear our contest winner for our Spring Break Surf Collection! We will also be giving away lots of fun things and announcing our next Joy Drop location. What is a Joy Drop?  It is our way to spread a little joy into your world with a bag of goodies from KOCH, in the hopes it will encourage to join our KOCH community of joymakers and risktakers and spread some Joy in your world. 
Lastly, we will be starting our KOCH House Drop!  We will randomly drop into a town for an afternoon with all Of our KOCH favorites and limited edition exclusives to buy.  It’s our version of a pop-up…… KOCH style. Stay tuned for the announcement of our first city! 
Don’t forget to stop by the KOCH House for Halloween, we have lots of fun things waiting for you! 
Quote of the week:
“A busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to create anything great.” Naval Ravikant.  












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