I wanted to do a special mother’s day version of instagram live because I believe so much in being a mother, the power of a mother and the relationship between a mother and child. One of my greatest joys at KOCH is seeing two and sometimes three generations of mother’s and daughters and grandmothers interact together as they shop and talk about life and the experiences that lie ahead of them. Three generations of brilliant women together connecting in a profound way because you can see them in that moment creating joy.  A Mothers love, energy and belief in their children is the beating heart of this country.  When the entries started to come in with photos of moms and daughters I was struck by how much deep love and thankfulness everyone had for the sacrifices and joy their mothers had shown.  As I poured through the printed copies and started making the mother/daughter wall I realized how connected we all are by the respect, humor and love we share with our mothers. 


Some of the comments were: 


She always believes in me and is always up for something new. 

She never fails. To. Make people laugh whenever they are down

She never thinks twice about helping other people

I don’t say  it enough but she is my role model. 

Her strong morals and positive energy give her the strength to raise me on her own.

She is always bringing light into a room.

When I have bad days she makes me smile.

She always puts others before herself.

She inspires me to do what others are too afraid to do.


And the comments went on and on. What I know be true in this moment in time, is that mothers are raising kind, smart, loving girls who will change the world into a kinder, smarter, more loving place.   


Someone asked me what I admired in my mother, Kiki and what she had taught me about life and about mothers. My answer is that mom’s teach us how to be the best. Version of ourself and they Love us when we are the worst version of ourselves.  When I have failed in my life, which I have many times, my mom asked me, how is life working for you in this moment?  She made me understand that life is always rooting for you, even in the moments it feels unbearable. Mom’s understand this, they believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. They understand that even our flaws can be superpowers if they are channeled and harnessed correctly. Our mother’s are our superpowers because they teach us how to fly. 


They judge us by our best work not our failures and shouldn’t we all do that with people?


Next week we are going to honor graduates best work on our special Wednesday Graduation Instagam live!  We will reveal the t-shirts with state names on them and have lots of fun giveaways honoring graduates!  So send me what you want to WIN! 


Speaking of winning y’all had so many ideas for contests!  I love these competitions because I believe it gets us out of our comfort zones.  I also believe it reveals talent and helps us find how we will make our mark on world and hopefully it brings you joy and makes you take risks!!  Ask yourself after you enter, did that feel better than an hour of Netflix? Some of your suggestions were amazing!  My favorites were a Tik Tok competition, singing competition and coloring contest for Erica pattern and an instagram takeover.   


I can’t wait to reveal our next choice at the Graduation Instagram live!


Also don’t forget this Friday we have a new giveaway with MUCH LOVE SOPHIE!






Quote of the week 

Be a force for good and good will come to you or as Psalm 37:4 says “Delight thyself in the lord.   He  will give you the desires of your heart. 



Podcast for the week

Tim Ferriss with Michael Lewis

Brian Kopplelman and Ben Horowitz


Song for the week that inspire:

Nas Let There be Light. 

Amos Lee No More Darkness, No more light















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