We are so excited to announce our Holiday in France capsule collection.  During quarantine our customers asked about the process behind finding inspiration when designing a capsule collection. I held up several of Ludwig Bemelmans books that I had been looking through and voila together with our KOCH community we created the Holiday in France collection. The suggestions you contributed on our live came to life with Erica and Ivy skirts in a festive Eiffel tower print, Cecelia tops in traditional French stripes and a hand sketched Holiday in France tee. I can’t stop wearing my tee paired with the pale blue striped Erica. In this collection we also released a brand new dress, the Jesse, which is flirty and feminine in crisp white and black stripes with coquettish ties at the shoulders. It is begging for a sidewalk cafe! 


     We also announced our upcoming collaborations. As part of our mission to get girls to make their mark on the world we collaborate with young women to help them take their visions and bring it to life. This is one of our favorite things to do and it is in an effort to help women learn the process of making things and putting them out into the world so they can go on and become entrepreneurs and have their own companies, missions and purpose.  Our goal is for girls to see their value in the world and create independence by trying new things and having a safety net to learn.  Sheryl Sandberg once said, “If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat!  Just get on.  I want every girl out there to feel like she can shoot for the moon and to understand there are no limitations to what women can create and accomplish. 


We are so excited to announce these following collaborations...

1) We are teaming up again with @MuchLoveSophie for a game day mask collection and bandana scarf collaboration launching next week!  Sophie is headed to SMU and is one of the youngest, most dynamic entrepreneurs I have ever met. The scarf is hand drawn with our favorite inspiration from our hometown of Dallas! Stay tuned for other cities coming your way, hint: Fayetteville and Austin. I can’t wait to wear all of them everyday and am in LOVE with the images, especially because they highlight some of our favorite towns across America!  (And you know how much we love American Made!) Plus, they are perfect to wear when you want to mix up your mask look and go hands free!  Also stay tuned for our GIVEAWAY this week with Sophie!  It will be on the Much Love Sophie Instagram!

2) Our second collaboration is with Alexis Bray.  She was our intern two years ago and has graduated from Vanderbilt University and is now on her way to the Conde Nast School of Fashion and Design in London. Alexis has a brilliant mind and an incredible point of view. The  20 piece capsule collection is inspired by her Nashville days and nights. It has an exciting vibe that contrasts a sweetness with the cool creative spirit and pulse that beats through the heart of Nashville. The fabrics she drew are a beautiful mix of femininity and toughness. I have already stolen pieces them from the sample bar and can’t stop wearing them!  Especially the cherry print skirt and Eliza top!  I can’t wait for everyone to see this capsule in late August you are going to want every single item!

3) Our third collaboration is with another intern, Courtney Kardaras.  During one of my Instagram lives I mentioned writing a one page autobiography instead of a resume describing what you accomplished at your dream job.  Courtney sent me one that week with a description that follows. “While at KOCH I created a one of a kind Tye Die Capsule Collection” well that’s exactly what has happened and so much more! We couldn’t be more excited to release the amazing items this month!  Our internship program was full when she wrote the autobiography but we made an exception because I was so impressed with what it said and the time she spent creating it. What I love about Courtney is her ability to embrace life and flood the room with joy and energy. I am counting the days until the tie dye items are ready and I am in love with the one of a kind artistic feel they possess! Stay tuned for the release date in September because they will SELL out fast!


     On the live I answered a question sent in from Kristie from Malibu who asked, “What is your best advice for going back to school, life or work?” My answer which we have been talking a lot about at the office was, “Life Doesn’t reward the vague wish,” meaning it doesn’t know what to give you if you haven’t described it in detail with vivid description and optimism. If you can’t take the time and discipline to write down exactly what it looks like and what you want to achieve why or how can life ever reward you with it?  You can’t just say I want good grades, you have to describe what good grades mean to you because they are different for every person.  You need to say I want an A in Environmental Science and Calculus.  You can’t just say I want my dream job, you have to describe what your dream job looks like?  It’s different for everyone.  It doesn’t mean you are promised exactly what you ask for but it sets you on a path that will lead to finding your  passion and that’s what I believe life is all about, that is what I believe God wants for you. That is why you are here on earth at this moment in time. So ask life for what you want and do it with excitement, humor, thoughtfulness and perseverance. Life is always working for you, but you have show life you care enough to fill in the details of what your dream looks like so it knows you really believe in it because life really believes in you. 


Stay tuned for our pop-ups and keep sending ideas!








Quote of the week:


     "All we have to do is decide what to do with the time given to us!"


Podcast of the week:

     On Purpose with Jay Shetty episode 149

     Yes Theory ON: How to Seek Discomfort and Stop putting Off What You Should Be Doing 


Song of the week:

     Shout out to my Ex 

     Little Mix












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