What I love so much about instagram live with our community of Joymakers and Risktakers is your ideas and the connection with you. You are the fuel for KOCH.  At the KOCH House we have Joymaking and Risktaking  bulletin boards where we post what brings us joy and the risks we want to take to achieve our dreams. My wish was for all of you to have your own boards at home! I love that someone suggested that we should have a contest to share all our bulletin boards. Nothing could make me happier than seeing people create their own bulletin boards in their bedrooms, dorm rooms, laundry rooms, offices or closets! I believe so much in the process of identifying what brings you joy and facing your fears and identifying what risks you want to take to achieve your dreams. I’ve said before we are on a quest to get girls to fail, in other words I’m on a quest for girls to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to make their mark on the world. To change the world into whatever beautiful idea they imagine it can be because I believe girls can change the world. So, let’s make bulletin boards and have a contest!  


We are also going to make an Erica skirt in a Butterly print!  What an amazing idea y’all had! We will create and print this fabric and Erica for a summer release and it will be made from all the butterflies you have sent in from the coloring contests. We will weave together all your butteries into a tapestry of joymakers! I always wanted to create clothing that people could make their mark and experience life in and what better to do it than a skirt all of you helped to create in a time of reflection for the world. I have been saying this shelter in home is like being in a cocoon and when we come back into the world we will be like butterflies. 


And the Bemelmans Collection!!! Wow all your ideas were inspiring! The Eiffel towers, macaroons, vespas.  It’s all going to be the chicest collection that we co-create together and is reflective of new places and people that we hope to visit and experience. 


And yes, lets do a contest to WIN a photo shoot.  I LOVE this idea! We will come to you and shoot you and 8 of your friends. We will create beautiful content that tells the story of your life with our fabulous photographer Bret Gum from Venice Beach. We will choose a location, shoot you experiencing life in KOCH and have lunch and talk about what brings you joy and what risks you want to take. 


Don’t forget to join us on Sunday for our instagram live announcing the Beach Bag winners!

And Did I mention we have a new texting number!!  We will be announcing it too along with new releases and special codes!


Here is our quote of the week from our visit:


Bill Gates

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. 


Podcasts for the week 

Tim Ferriss Fear Setting

Ask yourself if you don’t go for your dreams what your life will look like? 


Songs for the week that inspire

Pray by Tobi Lou and Chance the Rapper

up Everybody by John Legend and the Roots






Love your blog!! So inspiring :)


Love your blog! So inspiring!




such a great idea! all of your blogs are so inspiring! especially this year because it was so hard on many of us💙reading these often puts a smile on my face


I love this! The bulletin board idea is great and so inspiring!

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