Welcome to JOY Hour

Welcome to JOY Hour

Welcome to JOY Hour


This Thursday we started the JOY Hour. We went live at the KOCH House at 4:00 and I talked about identifying what brings you joy in life which I believe lands on the other side of hard work and making a meaningful connection with another person. I know for certain what brings me joy is connecting with our KOCH community. We decided on Thursdays during the traditional Happy Hour time of  4-6 we would have the JOY Hour. I’ll go live at 4:00 for about 10 minutes and then between 4:00-6:00 CST we will hopefully bring all of you a little JOY in different ways. Tune in to listen or look for our post to be part of the JOY Hour and receive a little joy from us! We hope sending you some joy will in turn help you feel inspired to make your mark on the world!


This week we asked those of you who joined to comment who brought you joy and why. I loved reading the answers. All of them had a common thread, it was someone who believed in you, who took care of you when you were not feeling well, who spent time with you, who helped you define or achieve your goals. It was so much fun to read and confirmed to me that identifying what brings you joy will help you create a life that is filled with meaning. This week everyone who commented and tagged received a woven KOCH Risktaker bracelet!


I love to ask the question: does this activity fill me with energy or drain me? Hopefully the JOY Hour will fill you with a little bit of good energy. It’s all the small things that add up to getting you to where you want to go and I can’t think of a better way to start 2023 than creating a place each week that talks about how to make your mark by asking: “is what I’m doing in life helping to get me to the place I want to go?” In other words, as James Clear says, “How can I create an environment that will help me get to my desired goals. How can I structure my physical environment, my social environment, the tribes I’m part of to get to what I am trying to achieve.”


Who you choose to follow on instagram, the friends who surround you, the people and videos you watch on tik tok, the information that is going into your brain will determine the direction you go because they influence the thoughts that arise in your mind and this determines your outcome.


The person who creates better information flows will have better thoughts and will create a better life.


I urge you to look at your life, mute the bad, and follow what builds you up. Most everything on my feed brings me joy, challenges my thinking, or helps me define and achieve my goals. From James Clear himself, to quotes from the bible, to ways to make good financial decisions, and of course, some SNL skits to make me laugh. And hopefully you will follow KOCH and be part of our Thursday JOY Hour.



This week we are releasing our, “Girl’s Night Out” Collection and to celebrate it our team will be having a JOY Hour. Each of us will wear an outfit from the collection at a fun bar in Dallas and someone will win the outfit you love best on each of us. Plus, we will have something fun for all of you again.  


Remember as James Clear says, “You just need to have the courage to eliminate everything that doesn’t directly feed what you really want.”  


And we hope you will add in our JOY Hour! See you next Thursday and just because you read this……here is a 20% off code for the website including our launch. You can use the code ‘JOYHOUR’ to receive 20% off your order now through Friday, January 13th, at midnight. 🚀


Here is a glimpse at a few accounts I follow that help me create an environment that fosters good thoughts and joy:











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