What's your perfect day?

What's your perfect day?

There is a mountain top overlooking the ocean and the city of San Diego, called the Mt. Soledad. On the top of the mountain sits a cross that has been there since 1913 but much like our journey in life, it has seen its obstacles. It was stolen in 1923, replaced and later burned, it was erected again in 1934, it was blown down by winds in 1952, it was put back up and damaged again by a windstorm in 1955 taking out a sidebar. In 1954 a stronger, larger cross was installed and is standing stronger than ever in 2021. Like the cross, we are still standing and because of what we have endured we are stronger than ever. 


I have hiked up to the cross more times than I can count in my life. It is the place I go to talk to life, to God, to my father who died too young. It is there overlooking that beautiful mountainside that I listen to what life is trying to tell me. I have stood up there for every pivotal moment of my life asking questions and listening for the answers. When I stand still and let life wash over me, my eyes fill with tears, my heart is in awe and my soul feels alive. Not once have I ever hiked up that mountain and not felt better about the world and its wonder, even in my most heartbreaking moments. I always feel the strength of the cross behind me and the possibility of the ocean in front of me and the wisdom of the heaven above me. 


Surrounding the cross are plaques honoring veterans both living and deceased who have fought for our freedom. When I look at the plaques I have such admiration for the names of women and men etched in the marble who committed their life to the profound purpose to protect freedom. It is because of them I can stand on mountain looking out at the beautiful vast world in front of me. It’s as if the veterans, my father, my grandfather, all of those that came before me are urging me to trust fully in life and make something of the time I have been given. 


This Sunday is Easter and no matter what your religious background, it feels to me like a season of new birth. I believe the triumph of the human spirit is upon us. We have struggled the last year and the road in front of us is paved with new challenges but together we will prevail. 


This is how I feel about our KOCH community, we are standing stronger than ever, believing in each other and our ability to overcome. When I am up on that mountaintop talking to life, I think of all of you and how together we can weather any storm, and take on any challenge. How together we will light up a path for girls everywhere so they can look out over the world, trust in life, and know anything is possible. 


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Quote of the week: “A perfect day is one where you laugh, cry and learn.” - Nicole Musselman


Podcast of the week: The Brendon Show


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