When You Know, You Know

When You Know, You Know

When You Know, You Know


Ah, the eternal question: How do we know if someone or something is "The One"? Is this the person I am supposed to be with? Is this the job I am supposed to take? Is this the city I am supposed to move to? Or should I break up with someone or get back together? Should I go to this university? These same questions have plagued humanity since the dawn of time.


What is the concept of "knowing"? You know, sometimes knowing is as simple as... well, knowing. It's that gut feeling, that undeniable thing that makes your heart flutter, and it feels like home. The problem is, we often ignore our gut and the easier path calls our name. Suddenly, our "knowing" transforms into a murmured "I think I know" or a troubled "what if." Timelines start to haunt us or pressures from outside voices, and soon we stop listening to our gut (which I am convinced has a mainline to God) and instead we start listening to our weaker self, the one who is afraid, the one who lacks confidence in their power and instinct.


Recently, I binged a series on Netflix called “One Day.” It's a heartfelt story of friendship that speaks to the struggles and triumphs we all face on our journey through the ups and downs of life. Whether you're in your twenties, thirties, forties, or beyond, it strikes a chord because we've all grappled with uncertainty as we aimed for our dreams. We have all battled the challenges that come our way and seem overwhelming. And if you haven’t had challenges, perhaps that is your biggest problem because you lack focus or compassion. What you realize is it's not the struggles or lack of them that define us, but how we handle ourselves when faced with them. It’s the values we keep intact during the moments of uncertainty. Most of all, it's just plain gumption, that refusal to give up, and that comes from not losing our faith in the long game of life.


I got engaged this week, and as I was on a treadmill in NYC looking out at the snow lightly falling past the 60th-floor window, I truly understood the phrase: when you know, you know.


Often, people say that marriage is the hardest, most important decision one can make. I agree with that; it’s the most important, but maybe we're looking at it in the wrong way. Maybe when we have to think about it so hard, it just isn’t right. It should be the easiest decision. I have spent a lot of wasted time on trying to decide things that I already knew the answer to. My son is so good at this; he makes decisions quickly and decisively. I have overthought many things because deep down, I avoided making the decision due to its difficulty or discomfort. A swift, challenging, and uncomfortable choice is better than a prolonged mediocre journey.


If you find yourself asking, "Is this truly The One? Or the Job? Or the Town? Or the College?" Take a moment, close your eyes, and listen to that inner voice. It has a direct connection to the right answer. We have to trust our view of life. Mistakes don’t go on your permanent record contrary to what the world might be telling you; mistakes actually get you to a better version of your life. They are more like second takes. And if you need a third or fourth, it’s okay; the point is to keep trying until you get the movie right.


Most of all, when you make the choice, go all in. Nothing great ever came from going 1/2 in or giving something 60% effort. Whatever it is in your life, a job, a relationship, a class, or a team, put in 1000%. If you are committed to be there, do it right or don’t commit to be there. The football great Joe Namath said it best, “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?”


What I know with absolute certainty is that if you listen to your instincts and trust that you hold the key to your own happiness, you have the power to choose, you have the intellect and intuition to make your decisions. If you sit down quietly, the answer will come to you, and you will know when something or someone is “The One”.


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