Who Do You Want To Be in the World

Who Do You Want To Be in the World

Who Do You Want To Be in the World?


Recently, I had an interview with an intern applicant, and after about 30 minutes of talking, I wrapped up the interview with my usual question: "Do you have any questions for me about the internship?" Most of the time, I get asked things like, "What does a typical day look like for an intern?" or "What are the hours?" and "How did I start KOCH?" "What was the hardest part of starting the company?" All good questions. But this particular intern asked me, "At the end of my internship, what would make you feel like I did the best possible job?"


I looked at her and thought, well, that's a great question. And it also gave me the opportunity to ask myself, of all the 68 interns we have had at KOCH, what made someone the best? What qualities did they possess, and what actions did they specifically take to make me think they were exceptional?


When I thought about it, I realized it is also what makes you great in life. I looked at her and responded, "At the end of the internship, the best intern is the one who worked the hardest and who had the most enthusiasm and positive attitude. The one who came in early and left late. The one who had the most energy and resilient mindset. The one who acted excited to be there even on the days she wasn't excited because we all know certain days we do not want to be in certain places, but you do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do in life."


As we talked about it more, I asked her why she chose this question, and she said because it's confusing in today's world to know how to get ahead in life. I understand the confusion. I think there has been a great disservice done to young people starting out in the world because we have told them they can be very successful, wealthy, and rise quickly in the business world, and also, they can work easy hours. I tell my 19-year-old son the exact opposite. I tell him that if he were to look at the data of the most successful people in life, I don't think they are probably the ones who did what others were not willing to do. Most successful people in their 50s that I know work more hours than people starting out. This is an interesting fact that isn't talked about enough. I'm not saying you should be taken advantage of at work or be burned out, but I do believe when you are starting out, you have to understand what it takes to be successful. And it takes sacrifice, resilience, and discipline.


The question is, who do you want to be in the world? If you have enough money provided to you by your parents to do the minimum, then do the minimum if that brings you joy. Just make sure that is going to give you the self-worth to move through the world with love and courage. Make sure that when the hard workers pass you by and the occasional lucky ones who happened to hit it big because they took risks, you are okay with it. And remember, nothing in the world will beat the three E's, which I often say our father wrote on our lunch bags: Energy, Effort, and Enthusiasm. Thirty years and a pandemic later, those three things, which also equate to hard work, a positive attitude, and resilience, haven't changed a bit. They still seem to be the secret weapon that will make you the best intern and the best person at whatever endeavor you choose.


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