Winning Together

Winning Together

Winning Together


So, I recently was watching Kevin Hart and Chris Rock in the documentary "Headliners Only," where they performed at Madison Square Garden. And let me tell you, I loved it! What really struck me was their love and admiration for each other. It's fascinating to see how comedians are so connected, like a big family building something together. They understand the pain of failing on stage and the exhilaration of hearing the crowd laugh. What I really think connects them is the relentless fascination with the process and the need to work.


I see this same kind connection in athletes. There is a bond between athletes where they learn from each other and look up to one another. They even ask, "How do you do that?" It's like they understand the loneliness that comes with achievement and sacrifice. When they collaborate and connect with someone in their field, it feels like they're winning together instead of competing against each other. They see things in each other that maybe the person doesn't see in themselves, and they help bring it to life.


One of my favorite stories is about Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. When Chris was just starting out and feeling nervous and unsure on stage, Eddie saw something in him. He told Chris, "You are going to be huge, play stadiums, and change the world of comedy." And guess what? Everything Eddie told Chris he would be, Chris became. Eddie saw potential in Chris that Chris didn't even see in himself. To me, there's nothing closer to emulating God than seeing the potential in someone and bringing it out of them. To make someone believe in themselves when they're just starting out in the world is truly life-changing. That's exactly what Eddie did for Chris, and Chris did for Kevin. They all won, and they all understand that there's room for each of their unique greatness in comedy. They know they can co-exist and make the profession of comedy better understood and embraced as a true art form. They are true artists, no different than Rembrandt or Kandinsky.


Inspired by comedy legends, I recently had the joy of seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Can you believe he had two shows that night in a multi-night stretch, and he's 70 years old? And let's not forget, he's also nearly a billionaire so it’s not about the money. But there he was, up on stage, sharp, enthusiastic, and loving his work. It's that constant push for evolution that sets people like Jerry apart. Despite having comfort in his life, he still challenges himself with two shows a night, constantly evolving as a comedian and as a human being. We should all strive to continue to evolve, so our minds open and hearts want us to win together.


I recently moved to NYC to split my time. At first, the city felt uncomfortable to me. The small spaces, the crowded tables, the cold weather, the loud noise—it was all a bit overwhelming. But you know what? Six months later, I am madly in love. And strangely enough, the comfort of Dallas, Texas is starting to feel uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I'll always have love for Texas, but the energy of New York is something else. It's like that feeling you get when you're starting to build something in your life, and the possibilities fill your head. There's possibility around every corner, and people are constantly creating, working, and learning. It never stops. There is an intellectual curiosity and a need to evolve that makes your heart beat faster. As a woman, the sense of accomplishment of the women is inspiring. And it doesn’t stop! I love this propensity to create as life moves into new phases. Just look at Jerry Seinfeld at 70, still going strong and performing in comedy clubs in the city. I love what comedian Gary Shandling said about age. People say someone died young at 58 or 68, but when you're out in the world, they say you're done after 60. Well, I say we should always believe we're going to live to 100. And you know what? New York believes that too. Jane Fonda says we all have at least three new acts in us, maybe even four. And she's starting her new act at 80. So, no matter where you are in life, whether you're just starting out to build something or in your final act, remember that the show isn't over until it's over. As Eddie Murphy wisely said, "Right now, in this moment, is the best it's ever been. I never look back, only forward.” Always evolving. Always creating. Always believing. Always winning together.


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Sandra Swanson

I loved reading this Nicole. Happiness is a choice and your words reminded me to never forget that. Also to always be kind to others it comes back to you in so many ways.
Love to you!

Dee Miller

What a wonderful article. I see your mother passed on to you her gift of writing.
Dee(DG sister of your mother)

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