Write Your Own Story


I recently heard someone talking about his grandfather purchasing land in Africa to start what is now a very famous game camp. In the discussion he was asked,  “How did someone with very few resources or knowledge of running a Game camp decide to buy the land and attempt this colossal process?” The response follows,  “My grandfather used to say that he looked out over the land after having a scotch and he just knew. He knew he needed to buy it and make a new life on it and break away from his old life. He wanted to write his own story. He had very little money or background that would have led to this epiphany but he said he knew in his gut. Maybe it was the scotch or maybe it was the realization that he was craving something more.”  

Do you ever have that feeling?  The feeling that there is a story you want to tell? That there is a deeper, more authentic story you want to craft for your life. It resonates when you see someone living this kind of life.  You can feel the energy when you are around them.  It feels good, inspiring. When you look at their life closely, you see the ability they had to battle short term distractions and quick fixes that give you temporary happiness. But when tomorrow comes, you soon realize you haven't crafted your own story at all. Your story is being crafted by society. 


There is not much cultural support to live a deeper, more authentic life. Our culture promotes lots of things that distract and steal your attention, making it hard to be great but It is never too late to craft a story you want to tell. We all have something great inside us and we all can live a deep life. It is what we yearn for, what we search for, and it’s possible but it takes vision and imagination.  We must imagine what the life we hope for looks like in such detail, that the sacrifices don’t seem like sacrifices at all. Instead it makes all the hard stuff feel like a secret golden ticket to the vision. Staying in on a Friday night to write this blog doesn’t seem at all like a sacrifice. I have a vision of writing a book, “A Joymaker & Risktaker’s Handbook.” I can see what it looks like and what it feels like to complete it.  It becomes, “I get to stay home and write” instead of  “I didn’t get to go out tonight to have drinks and dinner.” (although that's a lot of fun too;)


That’s the hard part. If you don’t have a vision, then building a life of meaning is really difficult. The next thing you know, the quick rushes of fun, likes, trips, start to be the essence of your life. It becomes your life’s meaning and identity. You know immediately when you see someone living a life that has meaning. You can feel the time and energy they have spent building something with depth and resilience. One of my favorite books is by C.S. Lewis, “Screwtape Letters.”  It is a satirical and funny look at temptation and failings written in 31 letters that focus on distracting people so they don’t live out their dreams.  They allow their distractions to be their story, then fall prey to the fleeting moments of societal recognition becoming their life.

Recently, I went to a party alone. It is always a bit uncomfortable walking into a party or event by yourself.  There is a vulnerability about it… this is what I talk about so often when I say get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Live life in a deeper way.  Society tells you, you should walk in with someone even if it’s not someone you want to be around. How wild is that? I had an amazing night dancing and laughing. I looked around the room and realized each of us had our own story. That night, as I walked home barefoot with my heels in my hand, I looked up at the moon at 1:00 am with the cold wind and air giving me chills. I felt nothing but exhilaration at the possibilities we all have to live a deep, authentic existence. The choice is up to us.  Each day is a new opportunity to craft our own story.





We have a release today! 

Spring break with Neon Starfish Cece’s & Erica’s. Beach Bum Blue ruffled tops and Ericas in a gauzy beautiful blue. And my favorite: The Nicole Skirt in shiny Neon Lagoon with a matching Wren. 


We are headed to Tulsa!

We are popping up tomorrow, and It’s going to be so much fun!


Seaside is on the horizon 

I can’t wait for the activities we have planned each day.  Think hair wrapping, bracelet making, Instagram+ Tiktok lives, beach ball bingo, and of course our Seaside Surf Cabana Capsule with our signature SALTY TEE.  


Rosedale Picnic Collab 

Stay tuned for our latest collaboration, complete with a picnic party at THE KOCH HOUSE!



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