We believe in the longshot.
KOCH 33.9 Sneaker

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At age 28, Bill Musselman wrote a small book called 33.9 which focused on his creation of the nation's number one defense in basketball. In 1969 Mussleman's Ashland College Team set a NCAA record by allowing an average of only 33.9 points a game. 33.9 is a tribute to his unwavering belief that anything is possible. Everything Musselman did reinforced the idea that if you fail, you always have the choice to rise and overcome. Musselman was attracted to people who faced challenges, and he was obsessed with teaching them to prevail. This crazy idea that he could hold a basketball team to a shutout was his way of telling people to believe in beating the odds that people tell you to avoid. As a boy who came from nothing, I imagine this was his version of faith and hope. He made you believe that no matter where you came from, you had something extraordinary inside and your potential is infinitely greater than you could ever imagine. He believed in the longshot.

"33.9 believes in the longshot, the idea that no matter what disadvantages you are handed – if you have an unwavering will to overcome, you can beat the odds."