- Write a letter to your future self about what you accomplished at your internship and how you grew the KOCH community.

- Tell us how do you connect with our mission statement and provide examples of how we can implement our mission.

- Why would you be a good addition to the KOCH Crew ? 

- We love to hear about your ideas! What’s one fun things you think KOCH should do/create/change ?

Please provide :

Full Name


Optional : Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter accounts


Must be over 17 years old

Summer internships : minimum of 25 hours per week

School year/ Winter Break : minimum of 15 hours per week

Internship details:

In person at the KOCH House, in Dallas TX.

All interns will help with social media, manufacturing and production process, marketing, shipping and design.

School credits available.

Unpaid internship. 

Please send your internship application to .

NOTE: we will not accept uncomplete applications. Have fun and be creative, we can’t wait to meet you!