Why You Should believe True Love Exists

Why You Should believe True Love Exists

Why You Should believe True Love Exists

”I knew before he spoke. I knew before he was walking across the room. I knew something was happening. ... I knew life was changing.- Diane Sawyer

        Diane Sawyer said this about Mike Nichols when she met him at age 40. She had several other past relationships but in an interview, she refers to Mike Nichols' love as something different, the true love of her life. What struck me about their relationship was the encouragement and belief they had in each other coupled with the sacrifices they made to each of them fulfilling their individual work and purpose in the world. There are stories of Mike Nichols traveling with Diane and ironing her clothes in their hotel room while she was working….or Sawyer serving iced tea during a meeting about one of his films. Life in television news often required travel, so the couple made plans to meet during longer trips. During the years she was on Good Morning America, which required her to leave their home at 4 a.m he would wake before she was gone and advise her to "tell it like it is.”  They were emotional and intellectual companions in every way possible. I love this story because I am a woman who believes that each of us in this world has a story to tell in the short time we are on this planet. I believe that in the search for your true love, you should look for someone who believes in you & your story, and in turn find someone who you also believe in deeply. 


This idea of reciprocal belief in one another applies to friends and family too.

I once said that the best friends are the ones who believe in you when you have run out of energy believing in yourself.  The kind of people who help paste you back together when you fall apart.  This is true love.  I know because my friends have done this for me, and so have the men that I have loved. If you don’t feel like this about people, if this reciprocal belief and love is somehow absent, then maybe it’s time to find the true love you deserve. It does exist.


Every Friday we have happy hour at the KOCH House,

and as we sat around our wood table together we started talking about relationships.  I found it interesting that several people talked about having a friend in their life that they needed to break up with because the relationship was not healthy. They also talked about dating, and that it was difficult to decipher if someone likes you. My response to this was,  “if you have to ask if a man likes you, chances are he does not.”  This comment stirred up a great conversation. When I said this, I wasn't talking about someone having the courage to ask a girl out.  This happens all the time, we girls can be intimidating! What I meant was, after you go out, if someone isn't treating you the way you deserve to be treated, or the words , “do you think he likes me” come out of your mouth…  My answer is you have your answer. He probably does not, and the best thing to do is move on. You should find the kind of love that in the end tells a story of your life that includes purpose, laughter, and a companion loving you for better or worse. Find the kind of love that will get up at 4:00 am to tell you he believes in you.

 This applies to anyone in your life. It’s ok to move forward, and it’s ok to break up with people. It is painful in the moment and for a while after, but it is so much better than not fulfilling your promise and using your gifts during your beautiful, short, journey here on Earth.  


I think it’s worth asking the question throughout your journey, “what will they say about you at your funeral.”

This might seem like an odd thing to think about, but I believe it is critical if you are being honest with yourself. Your children will speak about you as a mother, friends as companions, spouses as life partners, your business community, your religious community, your school community. Whatever communities you choose to be a part of, remember, TRUE LOVE does exist in every one of these places.


From start to finish, life is a flash, 

it’s short and fleeting, and what you do with it is up to you. I hope you never stop believing in life and love.  It’s there waiting for you every moment you walk into a dinner, a party, or a newsstand at the airport.  The kind of love that fills you with possibility,  makes music sound even more beautiful, martini’s taste even lovelier (if that’s possible), and fried chicken in bed watching movies seem like a great idea. But most of all,  TRUE LOVE encourages and gives space to one another to use all of God’s gifts, and to lift others up.


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